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The perfect place for children's savings?

The Junior ISA Online in conjunction with The Junior ISA Ltd, provide a range of tailor made portfolios to suit all types of investors and savers who wish to save into a Junior ISA for the benefit of children.

If you are thinking of setting up a Junior ISA savings plan, we believe there are compelling reasons why you should consider one from the Junior ISA Online range. We offer a range of plans from CAUTIOUS for the more careful investor, through to ADVENTUROUS, for the bolder investor. Each of our portfolios has an asset allocation to match a chosen level of risk, whether it’s CAUTIOUS, BALANCED, ADVENTUROUS or ETHICAL. The portfolios we have selected are re-balanced on a regular basis to ensure they stay in line with defined volatility targets, to provide you with peace of mind.

Junior ISAs Online offer very flexible products giving you the option to invest lump sums or set up a regular direct debit. Flexibility is built in. You can start, stop, raise or lower your payments whenever you like.

Investing in a Junior ISA is simple and straightforward and you can do it ONLINE.

Once we have opened your account we will send you a welcome pack together with a contract note detailing the investment you have made and/or written confirmation of your regular investment Direct Debit.

give your child a head start

A Junior ISA has been designed to enable friends, family and loved ones to make long term tax-free investments for a child they care about. Setting some money aside for a child today could help build a useful sum for their future. It could go towards anything from university fees to their first car.

anyone can contribute

Invest in one of our Junior ISA range now and help save for your child's future.

If you have questions or need help on the Junior ISA, then please contact us at info@juniorisasonline.co.uk


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